Technical Advice

Our goal has been the same for more than 50 years: to provide high-quality products and personalized attention to our customers.

Traid Villarroya provides our customers with our technical advice. If you have any questions about technical specifications, operation, usefulness or need additional technical information about any product, just contact us. 

For several decades we have been carrying out a process of accompaniment to our customers who require it to design and implement improvement processes in their parts or machines. 

Centro de Asesoramiento Técnico de Materiales


Our Goals

Traid Villarroya Hnos. S.L. | Plásticos técnicos y metales no férricos para la industria.

We accompany and facilitate the design and/or implementation of our materials in any application, new or existing. 

In this way, we achieve the highest efficiency of processes and equipment, while at the same time favoring the times of changing parts or maintenance in any production equipment. 

We get precise information about the result that our client wants to achieve with our materials and parts. 

We recommend solutions that meet all of our customersrequirements. 

Materials Technical Advisory Center

We offer specialist advice on a wide range of materials, including:

Centro de Asesoramiento Técnico de Materiales - Materials Technical Advisory Center - Centre de conseil technique sur les matériaux

Our staff offers a valuable technical advisory service to answer any questions about the specifications, operation or usefulness of any of our products. 

If you need additional technical information, we are available to help.