Our PVC Polyvinyl Chloride TKG® VINYL is a vinyl chloride polymerization product.

There are several types of PVC that are distinguished by the value of their molecular weight and by the process of obtaining them.

Each application requires the use of the right type to obtain the desired properties in the final product. Like all thermoplastic products, our PVC TKG® VINYL hardens in cold and softens in heat. 

For this reason, at low temperatures it increases its mechanical resistance and decreases its resistance to impact. In a rigid state, TKG® VINYL PVC can be easily welded by a simple heat input (welding wedge, hot air stream, high-frequency heating). 

Its welding is very resistant. 

We manufacture bars, tubes and plates

PVC-U Polyvinyl Chloride TKG® VINYL is a polymerization product of vinyl chloride. It is a common plastic with strong chemical resistance, high density, hardness and durability in harsh weather conditions as well as good fire resistance. It is an easy material to machine. 

PVC-C variety of PVC, only manufactured on request and with properties such as: excellent chemical resistance, high temperature and flame resistance, low flammability, impact resistance. 

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Characteristics PVC TKG® VINYL

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PVC Polyvinyl Chloride TKG® VINYL

  • High resistance to acids, caustics and saline solutions. 
  • Good weldability, good adhesion. 
  • Self-extinguishing after removing the flame. 
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties. 
  • Brittle at low temperature. 
  • High mechanical strength and rigidity, great surface hardness. 
  • Low impact resistance. 


Pipes, profiles, sheets, coatings, boilermaking, construction of electrical appliances and tanks, mechanical construction and installation, manufacture of brushes 

Technical Information PVC TKG® VINYL

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