PC Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is distinguished by its combination of high rigidity and exceptionally high impact resistance, making it an ideal material for applications where a strong ability to resist external forces is required.

In addition, its glass transition temperature and resistance to thermal deformation, which are around +130°C, make it suitable for environments where significant temperature changes are experienced.

With a continuous working temperature ranging from -60°C to approximately +120°C, polycarbonate proves its versatility in a variety of environmental conditions 

Polycarbonate is an attractive option for many applications due to its strength and durability, it is important to consider its susceptibility to certain chemical agents when selecting it for specific projects 


Available formats:

  • Polycarbonate sheets with dimensions of 2050 x 3050 mm and thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm.
  • Polycarbonate sheets with dimensions of 2050 x 1250 mm and thicknesses from 1 to 40 mm.
  • Bars: on request.
  • Tubes: on request. 
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Engineering Plastic Materials

Impact resistance: Very high impact resistance, approximately 250 times stronger than glass. 

Transparency: Extremely transparent, it can be transparent or opaque as needed. 

Rigidity and strength: High rigidity and mechanical strength, contributing to durability and load-bearing capacity. 

Thermal Insulator: Good thermal insulator, helping to save energy by keeping the temperature stable in your environment. 

Malleability: Despite being sturdy, it is malleable and easy to work with, making it easy to handle in manufacturing. 

Technical Information PC POLYCARBONATE

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