Aluminium is one of the most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust.

Extruded products account for more than 50% of the European aluminium products market, of which the building sector uses the largest share.

Extruded Aluminium is used in cargo transportation, in aircraft fuselages, road vehicles and railways, and for marine applications. 

The term “extrusion” is usually applied to both the process and the product obtained when a hot cylindrical Aluminium ingot (called a billet) passes through a properly shaped die (direct extrusion). The resulting profile can be used over long runs, or it can be cut for use in structures, vehicles, or components. 

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The extrusion of our TVH® Aluminium alloys is used as a raw material for machining bars, forging products or cold extrusion products. Although most of the numerous extrusion presses that exist in the world fall within the simple description given, it should be noted that some presses may use rectangular ingots to produce extrusions with a wide cross-section. 

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Our TVH® Aluminium alloy group has an attractive combination of properties, important both from the point of view of production and use, and has been the subject of a large number of R+D projects in numerous countries. As a result, a set of materials has been obtained, with a resistance between 150 Mpa and 350 Mpa, and all with good hardness and formability. 

Characteristics of TVH® Aluminium

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Approximately one-third the weight of steel, ideal material for applications that require weight reduction without compromising strength. 

Suitable strength for many industrial applications. Valuable material for various structures and components. 

Suitable for applications where heat dissipation or electricity conduction is required. 

It forms a layer of oxide on its surface that protects it and makes it resistant to weathering and corrosive environments. 

It reflects light and heat, making it a material used in reflector, mirror, and solar panel applications. 

Helps reduce environmental impact and contributes to sustainability 

Useful in applications where low weight is required such as in the manufacture of aircraft, automobiles and bicycles. 

Glossy, attractive finish, popular in architectural design and consumer product applications. 

AL2011 + AL2017 + AL2024 + AL2030 + AL6026 + AL6161 + AL6082 + AL7020 + AL7075 

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