We supply high-quality products with all the certificates you can trust

Our commitment is to strengthen our competitiveness and the quality of our products, through customer satisfaction, the motivation of our employees and the continuous improvement of our materials, taking into account our principles of conservation of natural resources and prevention of environmental pollution, damage and deterioration of health. 

Our culture of quality is exemplified by our managers at all levels. Each employee individually is responsible for the quality of their work, and as a whole company, they are motivated, qualified, competent and act responsibly. 

They are the key to our success. 

Suministramos productos de alta calidad con todos los certificados en los que puede confiar.

Of the materials and parts supplied. 

Equipped with the best technologies 

To ensure the highest quality of the products. 

Commitment to quality

The commitment to quality and excellence is implanted in the daily work of each and every one of the company’s members; certified for more than 14 years in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO9001:2015 standard. 

At the same time, Traid Villarroya belongs to and is in continuous contact with different organizations such as the IAPD (International Association of Plastic Distribution) or the EAPD (European Association of Plastic Distribution), training and certifying their employees in regulations that affect their products and processes. 

Efficient service for our customers

Hand in hand with the Quality Control Department, the company’s verification section ensures the quality of 100% of the materials and parts supplied. 

To achieve a final product that meets the expectations of our consumers, it is necessary to take care of the origin, the raw materials. All Traid Group products are manufactured in plants equipped with the best technologies in the sector. 

All steps of the production process are taken care of, taking care of all the properties of our materials such as tolerances, composition, stability and mechanical and chemical properties. 

Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee the highest quality of the products, it is necessary to implement rigorous quality controls. When they arrive at our plants, all raw and auxiliary materials are subjected to analysis and the strictest quality controls, rejecting any that does not comply with the limits established by our demanding Quality Department. 

During the manufacturing process, continuous samples are taken and analyzed in the laboratories of each plant. Finally, and before leaving our facilities, the products already manufactured are again subjected to controls to ensure that no material or part comes out if it does not meet our quality requirements.