3D Printing

At Traid Villarroya we offer a new comprehensive service of 3D printing technology.

We carry out any project that requires 3D Printing Technologies. 

Comprehensive design: Our technical office will shape your product. We optimize aesthetics, facilitate manufacturing and improve the performance of the final product. 

We can make an Optimized Design from your current design, we adapt the parts to the different 3D printing technologies, which leads to significant savings in material, delivery time and optimal mechanical characteristics. 

Redesign and Scanning: Obtaining 3D files of a product for which we do not have drawings, as well as discontinued spare parts. 

Compared to traditional production methods, 3D printing eliminates the need for expensive tooling, processes, and molds. 

This means a lower cost of production, especially for small-quantity productions or custom parts. 

3D printing enables what is often difficult or even impossible to achieve with conventional methods. 

Complex geometries and designs can be incorporated, optimised in such a way as to increase the efficiency and performance of the final products, as well as the printing of different elements on a single element. 

3D printing builds the object layer by layer, adding material only where it is needed, significantly reducing production time. 

It allows the production of multiple parts at once, reducing production time compared to traditional methods that usually work with a single part at a time. 

The speed of manufacturing is very advantageous, allowing rapid iterations of parts and prototypes. 

Traid Villarroya: Innovation and Quality at the Forefront of the Market

At Traid Villarroya, we are proud to be at the forefront of the market, which is why we offer a comprehensive and personalized service to each of our clients interested in additive manufacturing or 3D printing of both plastic and metal materials, through the use of different technologies by: filaments, resin, powder and laser sintering. 

Always committed to offering quality and excellence in each project; We present ourselves as the ideal partner for those who are looking for a leading service in ambitious projects that seek innovation and precision in additive printing. 

At Traid Villarroya we offer a new comprehensive service of 3D printing technology.