After-Sales & Customer Service

We are always available to solve any problem.

Our goal is to harmonize the integration of our materials or parts with the customer from the initial planning phase, through the assembly of the first units, assistance in serial assembly, training of sales personnel (in the case of distributors) and intervention in the detection and resolution of incidents. 

We also offer the management and supply of spare parts (in the case of parts machining), resolving with Engineering the incidents of obsolescence in operation, providing solutions that guarantee the availability of spare parts and the updating of the technical documentation of our materials. 

Traid Villarroya Hnos. S.L. | Plásticos técnicos y metales no férricos para la industria.

Relationship with Traid Villarroya does not end with the receipt of the order. We are always available to solve any problem that may arise and help you in the best possible way. 

After-Sales Service

Our After-Sales Service covers all the countries where the group operates. In this way, our technicians and salespeople will have direct contact with you, speaking the same language, being able to understand your problems and carry out your demands more effectively. 

Servicio Post Venta y Atención al Cliente - Traid Villarroya