PET + TKG® ETL Solid Lubricant

Polyethylene terephthalate is a relatively new semi-crystalline polymer created for technical uses.

It is suitable for mechanical parts that require dimensional stability and a low coefficient of friction.

As it has very good dimensional stability and low moisture absorption, PET Polyester TKG® ET is an ideal material for the manufacture of parts that need high dimensional precision and a fine final finish. 

In addition to normal PET, we manufacture different grades of Polyethylene terephthalate either loaded with solid lubricant or dyes. 

Poliacetal TKG® AL

We manufacture bars and plates

Polyethylene terephthalate is a semi-crystalline polymer ideal for technical uses, due to its hardness, rigidity and resistance. 

These properties are ideal for high-precision, dimensionally stable parts due to their creep resistance, low moisture absorption, and good thermal properties. 

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Characteristics PET POLIESTER TKG® ET

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  • Valid material for contact with food. 
  • Low thermal expansion and low moisture absorption. 
  • Very good wear resistance. 
  • Good sliding properties and abrasion resistance. 
  • Excellent mechanical strength and rigidity. 
  • Excellent dimensional stability. 
  • High surface hardness. 
  • Good polishing properties. 
  • Good performance in electrical insulation. 
  • High resistance to chemicals. 
  • Good paint resistance. 
  • Poor dielectric properties. 
  • Sensitive to hydrolysis. 


Sliding and support elements with high load capacity, pump parts, casing parts, tank locks, gears, insulating parts in electrical engineering, guide pulleys in the filament industry, levers, handles, rollers 

Technical Information PET + TKG® ETL Solid Lubricant

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