Polyethylenes TKG® PE HMWPE / UHMWPE

Being a partially crystalline thermoplastic, the coefficient of friction of TKG® PE polyethylene and its ease of machining, make this material one of the most used in any type of industry, especially food, since it is valid for direct contact with food.

We distinguish two ranges of polyethylenes, differentiated by their molecular weight, TKG® 500 (HMWPE) and TKG® 1000 (UHMWPE). 

Our HMWPE is an extruded or pressed polyethylene with high molecular weight and high performance. 

UHMWPE is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with excellent impact resistance, is less rigid and possesses greater shock resistance than other lower molecular weight polyethylenes. It is therefore more appropriate for applications subject to continuous shocks. 

We manufacture different formats of plates up to 400 mm thick and bars up to 800 mm in diameter.

In addition to polyethylenes in different colors, we manufacture different grades of polyethylenes, either filled or with different subsequent treatments. 

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Characteristics Polyethylenes TKG® PE HMWPE / UHMWPE

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Valid for contact with food. 

Easy machining and low specific weight. 

Low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance. 

Very good wear resistance and high chemical resistance. 

Technical Information Polyethylenes TKG® PE HMWPE / UHMWPE

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