Within our TRAIDAMID® PA6 family of polyamides, also called nylons, we distinguish two manufacturing methods, extruded and cast polyamides.

Both are manufactured in the form of bars, sheets, plates and tubes.

Extruded polyamide (PA6. E) is a semi-crystalline macromolecular thermoplastic obtained by the polymerization of caprolactam. The use of a high viscosity polymer for extrusion allows a product with excellent mechanical characteristics with a high degree of quality to be obtained. 

Cast polyamide (PA6. G) It is a cast nylon 6. The production method of this polyamide (polymerization of caprolactam directly in the mold) allows the production of larger parts of normal dimensions, such as large rings, very thick plates or blocks. 


We manufacture bars, tubes and plates

In addition to natural polyamide, we manufacture different grades of polyamides, whether loaded with molybdenum disulfide, graphite carbon, oil, polyethylene, etc. 

PA6 with molybdenum disulfide, which provides greater wear resistance, greater rigidity and hardness, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. 

It is a fused polyamide that can be produced in large dimensions. It has better physical characteristics compared to PA6 E, such as strong tensile and pressure strength, maximum rigidity and hardness, better wear resistance, lower moisture absorption and better dimensional stability. 

To improve its properties, it can be reinforced with molybdenum disulfide PA6G+Mos2; Higher wear resistance, higher rigidity and hardness, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability. 

It is a widely used material in small diameters (less than 100 mm). It has greater hardness and better abrasion resistance than Extruded PA6. 

It is often used in the manufacture of bearings. 

It has self-lubricating properties; It is highly wear-resistant and has exceptional sliding power. 

30% fiberglass reinforced PA 6 has increased dimensional stability, high rigidity and high resistance to heat distortion that allow it to be used in other areas. 

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Engineering Plastic Materials

  • High strength and rigidity.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Good resistance to heat deformation.
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Good glide properties.
  • Good chemical resistance to organic and combustible solvents.
  • Physiological safety.
  • Dimensional changes due to moisture absorption must be taken into account.
  • Mechanical and electrical properties influenced by water absorption.


Bearings, sprockets, pump parts, guides, rollers, plain bearings, sliding shoes, sprockets, machinery parts, pump parts, shafts, housings, etc. 

Technical information TRAIDAMID® PA6E / PA6G polyamides

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