At Traid VIllarroya we have co-polyester sheets, particularly light, with a high resistance to breakage, even at low temperatures.

Good thermomoulding properties and optimal chemical resistance.

Compatible for food contact.

With exceptional mechanical properties, PET-G is highly resistant to impacts, chemical agents and sunlight.

Its shiny, transparent surface makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including those that require a low gauge.

It stands out for its ease of moulding even at low temperatures and retains its properties after thermomodelling, which allows significant savings in time and money. 


Available formats:

Co-polyester sheets with dimensions from 2050 x 1250 mm and thicknesses from 2 to 12 mm. 

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Co-polyester has been vital during the COVID-19 pandemic to manufacture face shields and bulkheads.


Traid Villarroya

Engineering Plastic Materials

Transparent and rigid  

Resistant to chemical agents 

High stability 

High impact and stress resistance 

Recyclable, reducing your impact on the environment 

Technical Information PETG CO-POLYESTER

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