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Quality department

Many years ago we chose to stake our reputation on our high material quality, so it follows naturally that we only use raw materials that enable the manufacture of high quality, certifiable products.


We are committed to increasing our competitiveness through the excellence of our products, employee professionalism and the continuous improvement of our services with our principles of environmental conservation and prevention of contamination firmly present in our minds.

Our quality culture is exemplified by our personnel at all hierarchical levels. All employees are individually responsible for the quality of their work yet are collectively motivated, trained and required to maintain the highest working standards. They are the key to our success.

Quality control

As part of the quality control department, the verification section of our company ensures the quality of 100% of the materials and components supplied has been checked.

To achieve a final product that meets customer expectations, it is necessary to safeguard the origin of raw materials. All products of the Traid Group are elaborated in factories equipped with the best technologies in the industry. All steps of the production process are carefully minded, coddling details such as material properties, tolerances, composition, stability and mechanical and chemical properties.

Quality garantee

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of the products it is necessary to put into place rigorous quality controls. Upon arrival at our factories, all raw materials and auxiliary products are submitted to analysis and the strictest quality controls, rejecting anything that does not reach the demanding benchmarks established by our quality department.

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