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Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as Acetal, is a crystalline polymer obtained by polymerizing formaldehyde. Discovered only a few years ago, it has enjoyed a rapid growth in popularity because of its excellent mechanical characteristics, its stability in spite of humidity and for being easy to machine.


In the POM family we find two main types, POM C (copolymer) TKG AL C and POM H (Homopolymer) TKG AL H.

Copolymers offer better abrasion resistance and chemical / thermal properties. Homopolymers, being more crystalline, exhibit greater mechanical resistance and superior hardness.


Traid Villarroya

Engineering plastic

Good electric insulation and dielectric characteristics.
Low humidity absorption and availability of FDA compliant variants.
Excellent dimensional stability and easy machining.
Excellent mechanical resistance and rigidity.

Technical information

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