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Being a partially crystalline thermoplastic, its coefficient of friction and easy machinability, make this material one of the most popular choices in any industry, but it is especially sought after for food processing applications as it is approved for direct food contact.


Two ranges of polyethylene are distinguished and differentiated by their molecular weight: TKG®500 (HMWPE) and TKG® 1000 (UHMWPE). Our HMWPE is either an extruded or pressed polyethylene with a high molecular weight and high performance.

UHMWPE is an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene with less rigidity and better impact resistance that other, lighter molecular weight polyethylenes. It is therefore highly appropriate for continuous impact applications. In addition to virgin and coloured polyethylenes, we manufacture grades containing additives and variants subjected to specialized treatments.


Traid Villarroya

Engineering plastic

Food contact approved
Easily machined
Low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance
Very good wear and chemical resistance.

Technical information

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