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Customer service

Your relationship with Traid Villarroya does not end upon delivery of your order. We are always available to help you solve any issues that may come up, whatever they may be.


Our intention is to harmonize the integration of our materials and components with the customer from the initial planning phase, through the installation of the first units, series of units, training of sales personnel (in the case of distributors) and intervention during the detection and resolution of incidents.

We also offer supply management solutions for replacement components, resolving issues of obsolescence, guaranteeing the availability of replacements and updating the technical documentation of our materials.

Technical assistance team

Customer service

Our customer service spans every country where the group is active. This way, our technicians and sales personnel can have direct contact with you in your native language, enabling us to understand your predicament and fulfill your requirements with greater efficacy.

Our expert and highly qualified technicians will be able to help you as much with the technical aspects of our materials as with queries about individual applications.