Copper is part of the world that surrounds us. It is in our homes, where we work or study, in our transportation systems.


Its presence can be overlooked but it is there; used as a resistant material, durable, recyclable and with high thermal and electrical conductivity, These are properties that guarantee its shelf life as an essential raw material for the progress of civilization.

Our refined copper formats TVH® TV ETP are later transformed into components to be used in many manufacturing industries supplying essential products to society.


Copper is key for the generation of electricity and its distribution since it is an excellent conductor. In telecommunications, it is the most common raw material in the production of telephone cables and the development of new technologies to augment transmission efficiency, positioning this material as an important option for the development of high bandwidth connectivity.

Copper is closer to us than we think, be it in its raw state or as part of an alloy. It appears in coins, cooking utensils, jewellery, art, adornments for furniture, make up and paint, musical instruments clothes…

In the transportation industry the presence of copper is fundamental. We can find this material in automobiles, trains, airplanes, ships and even in space vehicles. It is used in engines, electronic equipment and electrical systems

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