Aluminium is one of the most abundant elements in the earth´s crust. Extruded products represent more than 50% of the European market´s aluminium products and of this percentage, the greater part is consumed by the construction sector.


It is used in cargo transportation, airplane fuselages, road and railroad vehicles as well as in marine applications.

The term “extruded” applies as much to the process of manufacture as to the product we are left with when a hot cylindrical aluminium ingot (known as a billet) is forced through a shaped die. The resulting profile can then be used in extended lengths or can be cut for use in structures, vehicles or components.

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Our TVH® Aluminium alloys are used to make extruded machinable rods , forged products and can also be used in cold extrusion. Even though the greater part of the extrusion presses in the world will use a round ingot, some presses can also use rectangular billets to produce wide section profiles.

Our TVH® Aluminium alloy family combines a range of important properties, valued both for facilitating production and delivering excellent performance in applications, making them a popular choice internationally. With resistances between 150 Mpa and 350 Mpa, good hardness and malleability across the board, a sturdy and reliable collection of materials is made available to our customers.


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